Inspiration & Tips

Do you want to brighten up your life? Then invite springtime indoors with our potted bulb products and discover what flowers can do! Do you need some help to brighten up your home and garden? Let our numerous potted bulb possibilities inspire you. Did you know that all our potted bulbs can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors? Our inspiration tip: ‘let your imagination run wild’ because the bulbs can be combined with anything! It goes without saying that you want to admire the stunning colours for as long as possible, so quickly discover the best way to look after them.


The alternative for a glass cylinder!

Narcissus Bridal Crown 16 cm transparante cilinder supplies bulbs in transparent cylinders: an attractive and unique product that offers a series of colourful advantages!

  • A complete product for indoors and outdoors
  • A perfect gift
  • Available with different flowers and in different dimensions and combinations.
  • Lightweight
  • No problem with drooping flower stems
  • Ideal for outdoors, the pot doesn’t break if dropped
  • An attached plant saucer means that any excess water gradually drips from the pot. This means that the bulb always grows and flowers properly!

Hyacinthus Narcissus Tete a Tete

Dare to create adventurous combinations

Who doesn’t feel uplifted by bright colours? Be daring when creating combinations of our potted bulb products. Do you love the scent of hyacinths and do these wonderful flowers always give you so much pleasure? Try combining our eight different colour hyacinths and surprise your senses! Or perhaps you just can’t wait to see the effect of all the other stunning combinations in and around your home? Are you curious about our potted bulb products? Then don’t delay, take a look at our assortment. Do you accept the challenge?

An experience full of stunning colours

What are the ideal conditions for a potted bulb product to grow and flower? We are pleased to offer you advice on the best way to care for our products.

Tips to get the most enjoyment from your products indoors:

  • Place your potted bulb product in a sunny spot.hyacint_blauw
  • Room temperature is fine, the warmer the temperature, the faster the plant will grow and flower.
  • Make sure the soil is kept moist by watering twice a week. At the beginning hyacinths should not be watered too much otherwise the plant will grow too tall. Later on the hyacinth can be watered a little more so that theflower achieves a lovely colour. This means the flowers will last longer. Narcis prefer too much water rather than too little.

Tips to get the most enjoyment from your products outdoors:

  • Place your potted bulb product in a sunny spot.
  • The temperature should be between -2°C and 22°C. A few night frosts of -5°C should not cause any problems.
  • Make sure the soil is kept moist.


1,2,3…spring has arrived!

Flowering bulbs such as narcis, hyacinths, crocus and muscari allow you to create a cheerful atmosphere in and around your home in no time at all. One glance is all it takes to lighten your mood!

Spring decorating does not always have to cost the earth because all it takes is three simple steps. First visit the garden centre or florist and select your favourite blooms. Collect several pots or tubs and fill them with the flowering bulbs (remove the nursery pots first). Then place them in a suitable spot and you can already start to enjoy them. Whether you select narcis, hyacinths or other potted bulbs you will witness something special: the room will come to life! Naturally you can also quickly and easily plant the cheerful flowering bulbs in the ground.